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Structured Cabling, Data & Fibre

A Structured cabling system is the wiring network that carries all your data, voice, multimedia, security, VoIP, PoE, connections throughout your building or campus. It includes everything from the data centre to the desktop, including cabling, connecting hardware, equipment, comms rooms, cable pathways, work areas, and even the jacks on the wall-plate in your office.

The importance of structured cabling

A structured cabling system is as important to the success of your organisation as the people are who work in it. A well-planned structured cabling system facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing of resources, promotes smooth operations, accommodates ever-changing technology, offers plenty of room for growth, and evolves with your organization. The importance of structured cabling has increased right alongside the growth of LANs, and WANs.
For expert advice on your new or upgraded structured cabling system, and for complete services ranging from design and products through installation and maintenance call or email NilocSystems cabling system, or for complete services ranging from design and products through installation and maintenance call 0800 012 4797 or email NilocSystems.

Network quality leads to efficiency

Investing in high quality cabling contributes to an efficient network and it is therefore one of the best investments a business can make.
NilocSystems have a combination of expert design and installation engineers we have been installing large and small networks and structured wiring and Fibre systems since 2004.
We know the importance of a well-planned installation which will allow a business to run smoothly and effectively and caters for future growth.

Lifetime product guarantee (Normal Use)

We are proud of our reputation for installing and servicing high quality products and providing your business with certified and qualified engineers to do the job well.
NilocSystems Provide:

  • Voice and data services
  • Lifetime product guarantees
  • Unlimited outlets
  • FREE site surveys
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Official accreditation
  • Full maintenance contracts
  • Network & Data cabling Installation.

For A FREE Survey or for more advice please call Our Sales Line today: 0800 012 4797

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